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I've been involved in long distance bicycle touring since 1994. I've cycled the Santa Fe Trail, biked throughout New England, spun along the Natchez Trace, pedaled the Lewis and Clark Trail and cycled the length of the Mississippi River.

My most memorable trip was in the summer of 2000 when I cycled across America with my friends Cindy and Mary Anne. For fifty-nine days, we pedaled 3,150 miles through ten states, from California to Virginia. We rode self-contained on fully loaded touring bikes, packed with all of our gear. We discovered small town America, a diverse beautiful country and ourselves.

Join us as we cycle along the back roads of America by going to my book page. There you will find excerpts from, "How Big Are The Pancakes?" a book I wrote about our cross-country adventure.

Check out my pictures and gear list. I also have touring information, tips and links that will help you plan your own trip. Yes, one way or another, you too can embark on a long distance bicycle ride.

On September 24, 2010, I finished another cross-country cycling adventure. I rode my bicycle from Seattle, Washington to New York City for Dystonia awareness. Check out my Cycle for Dystonia blog.

NEW - On January 1, 2013 I launched a new blog Cycling Life's Highway. After touring for 18 years, my time on the road inspired me to write about my experiences and how they relate to this journey called life. Come cycle life’s highways with me as I share my stories, insights, and observations




Kathy at the Missouri state sign